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DuckDuckGoose winner of the IDnext Innovation Award 2022

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DuckDuckGoose was named as winner of the Digital Innovation Award 2022 at IDnext. DuckDuckGoose uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect deepfakes in a fast, reliable, yet insightful and explainable way. The other 2 nominees were cheqd and Nugget. The other 2 nominees were cheqd and Nuggets.

The annual Digital Identity Innovation Award is presented to the developers of a solution that will shape the future of digital identities. Concepts, products and projects are all eligible for recognition. Assessment of the nominations takes account of technological and commercial innovativeness, respect for privacy, potential impact, and added value for users and other stakeholders.

This year’s nominees were:


Cheqd aims to provide simplicity, ease and fairness by inverting traditional data ownership models. Individuals create a single profile that they control themselves, delegating authority to companies and sharing the real value of their data. This makes it quicker, safer, and cheaper to onboard and transact. For the first time, individuals and the verifiers of identity, such as passport offices, banks, and utilities, are financially rewarded.


DuckDuckGoose leverages the power of AI to detect deepfakes in a fast, reliable, autonomous yet insightful and explainable manner. This means that the tool does not only classify a certain input as deepfake, but also explains the reasoning behind its decision. Currently, DuckDuckGoose focuses on distinguishing deepfake faces from authentic faces and is also developing multimodal audio and video deepfake detection algorithms.


Nugget is a self-sovereign verified digital identity and payment platform that serves as the reusable, interoperable, and verified digital identity for Web 2.0, Web3 and the Metaverse. It enables trusted transactions that result in massively reduced fraud, and safer customer data.

Previous Innovation Award winners include eHerkenning, Ziggur, edentiti, the OpenID Foundation Meeco, Trulioo, Iovation and Asignio.

The award was presented at the IDnext event 2022. At the event, a strong line-up of experts is exploring the subject of digital identities: how is the field developing and why is it important to think carefully about the approaches we adopt? The event in Utrecht involves presentations and debates on all aspects of digital identification. Details are available here: Annual IDnext program – IDnext

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