IDnextplatform disseminates knowledge and experience by organizing events, masterclasses, seminars and workshops.

On a variety of themes, using expertise within the world of IT and Business, it is further an independent not-for-profit network organization uniting a variety of experts in the world of the Digital Identity; e.g. software vendors, system integrators, service and knowledge providers, advisors, governmental organisations, research and knowledge institutions.

Below you will find an overview of the scheduled IDnext activities.

IDnext 10 year Anniversary meetup

It was a great pleasure to organise the IDnext 10 year Anniversary Meetup. For a review, click here.

IDnext Lunch Break

IDnext platform is all about sharing knowledge.

During the day, it is time for a break and have a moment to sit down and have a good discussion with fellow peers, connect and share your thoughts on a variety of topics. That’s why IDnext want’s to introduce IDnext Lunch Break.

Several data with only one theme, on guest. All you have to arrange is your own lunch. Check out our calendar for the dates.

IDnext Meetup 2021

In 2021 there will be another IDnext Meetup. More information will follow.

Annual IDnext 2021

Whilst we are about to reopen our post-covid societies, Digital Identity will and still matter. For enhanced privacy, inclusive society, better safety assurance, safe transactions and above all; new exciting services. The ID-Next ’21 conference “Identity Matters” aims to invite anyone to join in and collaborate/share on identity and it’s adjacent matters and challenges.

Annual IDnext event is organized by IDnext and in close cooperation with SIDN and will contain the highest quality content. This is a unique and once only opportunity, where IDnext and SIDN combine their resources, knowledge and information to create an exceptional, independent, two-day conference focussing on European public and private trust related areas. Find out more>>.