Identity Innovation Award

With the Identity Innovation Award, IDnext wants to recognize and support new developments that are shaping the future of Digital Identity. Submissions are innovative concepts, products or project.

The winner of the Identity Innovation Award of 2023 is:

Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) – They received the award for the Decentralized Identity Interop Profile that they developed so that decentralized solutions can communicate with each other.

DBC winner of Identity Innovation Award 2023.

The nominees for the Identity Innovation Award 2023 were:

Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC)  

An increasing number of organizations are recognizing the potential of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and are developing ideas and pilot projects. However, the significant fragmentation of Identity systems and chains has resulted in the emergence of multiple decentralized solutions that cannot communicate with each other. Interoperability is essential and should be ensured at the outset of various developments. This can be achieved by adopting the same set of standards, known as a Technical Interoperability Profile. Therefore, the DBC created the Decentralised Identity Interop Profile. 


Truvity built the Truvity platform, an API that people can use to create products powered by Self Sovereign Identity with developer documentation support and an entire demo environment showing a familiar use case (covid travel pass). This is just the beginning though, as they will be expanding their product well beyond its current functionality so that people can create eIDAS 2.0 compliant Identity products and simplify how companies/individuals build trust with each other. Not only for consumers to take back control of their identities but more importantly to handle complex b2b business processes, an underrepresented problem area. provides an unified platform for verifying identities, signing documents, and authenticating customers. It makes it easy to accept various digital wallets on your website or online service. With the upcoming EU regulation, soon there will be at least 27 different digital ID wallets available on the market. IRCS, or Intermediary Relying party Credential Service provider acts as a trusted intermediary between a relying party (such as your business) and an Identity wallet provider (such as a government agency or bank). 

 Previous Innovation Award winners include eHerkenning, Ziggur, the OpenID Foundation, Asignio and DuckDuckGoose.  

Criteria for the award include:

o Innovation (technological as well as business model)

o Success; how the privacy aspect is dealt with

o Added value for users and for stakeholders

o The (potential) impact of the concept, project or product.


Previous winners of the Identity Innovation Award are:

DuckDuckGoose – They develop explainable AI solutions to detect deepfakes in audio-visual content. Deepfakes are hyper-realistic fake audio-visual data made and/or manipulated by AI. They seem so realistic that the unaided human eye can no longer recognize them. DuckDuckGoose leverages the power of AI to detect deepfakes in a fast, reliable, autonomous yet insightful and explainable manner. This means that the tool does not only classify a certain input as deepfake, but also explains the reasoning behind its decision. Currently, DuckDuckGoose focuses on distinguishing deepfake faces from authentic faces and is also developing multimodal audio and video deepfake detection algorithms.

. Asignio – Asignio offers a more secure way to sign-in with its multi-factor authentication – synchronous dual biometrics. With their patented signature recognition technology they created synchronous dual biometrics – more secure with two biometrics at once, sign-in & live selfie or voice & live selfie.

· Iovation Iovation safeguards tens of millions of digital transactions a day, with the world’s largest and most precise database of device reputation insights and cryptographically secure multifactor authentication methods.

· OpenID certification – The OpenID Foundation purposefully established a light-weight, low cost OpenID Connect certification program to help ensure that high-quality OpenID Connect implementations became the norm in the marketplace.

· Meeco – provides the means for individuals to have greater control of their identities and how they are used. They can share relevant information with trusted parties in a secure way to achieve the desired outcomes.

· Trulioo 
 provides a robust service for online verification of identities. Trulioo customers have access to over 140 data sources to verify identities 3 bilion on their value.

· idBCN – is a digital identity system provided by the Barcelona City Council as a free public service. idBCN allows citizens to identify themselves remotely and securely to a number of digital services by means of the digital ID in their mobile phone.

· eHerkenning – eRecognition is a Dutch e-identity trust framework that enables companies to re-use digital identities to authenticate themselves towards government organizations. Conducting business online thus becomes easier and more reliable.

· Edentiti – Edentiti provides online identity verification by checking information from various online data sources, and does so under the control of the end user.

· Ziggur – (Ziggur is a Dutch service that enables everybody on the worldwide web to decide what they want to happen to their online profiles & online belongings after their death. Ziggur makes sure the wishes regarding the digital inheritance of the deceased are fullfilled, thus burdening those who are left behind.

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