Greenpaper: Strengthen the weakest link


What are the main reasons for data breaches due to human factors, and how can they be prevented or mitigated?”

This green paper that IDnext has been prepared in close cooperation with Leaseplan Bank. The primary purpose of this Green Paper is to draw attention to the human involvement in ‘information security breaches’. The human factor as the cause of these data leaks has been shown to be above average for years. For this reason, LeasePlan Bank and IDNext have drawn up this ‘Green paper’ in collaboration with an expert group.

The expert group has set to work to investigate which data breaches occur, why the human factor is so great and what can be done about it, from the perspectives of both the personal self and the government, business and technology.

Interested in this green paper (currently only available in Dutch)? Please contact us via an e-mail.