Robert Garskamp

Robert is Entrepreneur, Advisor on Digital Identity Matters and Founder of the IDnextplatform,
With the enormous speed of technological digitalisation transformation nowadays, Robert believes that it will influence, constitute and shape our society where you are able to control your identity on attribute level within a privacy-regulated basis.

As an expert for 10+ years, Robert strives to share his knowledge and experience regarding several topics about digital Identity, security, privacy, mobility, risk management and compliance with various of organizations in different type of sectors. He also advice and consult various organisations (in public and private sector) related to digital identity.

Robert is founder of the IDnextplatform. An European open and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of the Digital identity, create awareness about the Digital Identity, provide a knowledge and networking platform for experts in IT, Business and Marketers as a European center of expertise.

Further, Robert is member of eema since 2001 and was elected for board of directors in 2004. Eema members have – at the annual conference of eema in london in june 2008 – elected Robert as vice-chairman of eema and he is also responsible for organising the Benelux RIG meetings.