IDNext trend reports

Every year, the IDnextplatform’s Advisory Board presents a summarized report that gives an overview of the latest developments within the world of Digital Identity. The Advisory Board plays a vital role for the IDnextplatform and consists of distinguished experts around the world. They are committed to keeping IDnext on the cutting-edge of digital identity practices and ensuring IDnext is the premier platform of state-of-the-art services to its members.

The Advisory Board also provides independent advice to the Executive Board regarding the direction and activities of the IDnext association.

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Green Paper: Possibilities and risks on a European ID-wallet

This Green paper will provide insight into the possibilities and risks of a European ID-wallet. And how the ID-wallet can provide added value for users, its potential, the involved parties, and the challenges. This will be done along the lines of functionality, usability, and privacy. 

Conference report: eYOU in the EU

European Governments are working hard to facilitate digital citizenship and entrepreneurship within the various agendas aiming at digital single market with cross-border identification and authentication possibilities.

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White Paper: From mindmap to roadmap

IDnext working group committee has conducted a white paper commissioned by the IDnext foundation, that describes the basic principles that a company can utilise to gain control; presuming an ideal situation is attainable.

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Insider threats –  ‘How to begin?’ and ‘Where to start?’

An article of Frank Broeze (member of the advisory board) that defines the five areas of insider threats from a centric identity approach.

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