Kristina Lillieneke

Kristina Lillieneke, Founder of Blackbird Law, specializes in matters where law, business, and technology overlap. Her work is concentrated on emerging technology applications such as decentralized assets, NFTS, DeFi, ethical AI, tokenization, ICOs, decentralized infrastructure, smart contracts and P2E.

Specializing in AI and crypto today, Kristina initially received knowledge on Blockchain Technology from Utrecht University. This was how she got involved with the tech industry and continued to build on her expertise. The gender imbalance so prevalent in the tech industry did not deter her from her goals. Today, Kristina devotes her spare time to educating women in tech, by giving talks about using innovative technology as a way to manage the liberties and rights we have as individuals at the Women in Blockchain Talks community.

Kristina’s work is not bound by location, and she works internationally as well as from her homebase in Sweden today. Her expertise in the legalities of blockchain technology is highly sought-after by her clients, and her primary focus remains on guaranteeing that her clients abide by the commercial laws placed. Additionally, Kristina is a member of the Expert Panel at the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum. Coming full circle from where she began her journey, she also serves as Research Associate in the Blockchain for Societies Group at Utrecht University. As owner of Blackbird law, a lot of Kristina’s time is dedicated towards helping organisations with the legal and technological aspects of business. She has worked in collaboration with P2E games like My Neighbour Alice ad Mines of Dalarnia, and on several tokenization projects, creations of DEXes, NFTs and platforms of NFTs.