10 years IDnext: Privacy and Data protection

IDnext presented an overview over the past 10 years, where the field of privacy and data protection has developed from a relatively new field with new concerns to a mature topic that has become part of day to day discussions. Developments in technology and the use of the internet via platforms, intermediaries, and the individual as a content creator have given rise to new concerns, but also to new solutions.

This narrative is executed by the IDnext working group (author is Arnold Roosendaal, PhD, LLM – director at Privacy company and Advisory Board Member IDnext) commissioned by the IDnextplatform.

We welcome your feedback and questions. To the IDnext working group and reviewers who have provided input into this report, thank you for your time, commitment and insight.

We look forward to having more of these essential reports published and hopefully with your contribution.

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Robert Garskamp | Founder IDnextplatform