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Hurray: 35 years .nl!

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As founder of the .nl domain, SIDN celebrates it’s 35 year milestone. One of the trailblazers who played a special role in creation of the .nl domain and SIDN is Piet Beertema. When working as a system administrator at the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Piet had the great idea of asking to establish the .nl top-level domain.

Setting up a new TLD needed the approval of Jon Postel, a US internet pioneer. Jon approved the request and .nl came into being. On 1 May 1986, the CWI registered the very first .nl domain name: With that registration, .nl became the first active country-code domain outside the US.

IDnext wants to congratulate SIDN on this very special occasion.

Read more about .nl, it’s godfather and it’s 6.2 million domain names.

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