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Identity wallets: great news for the future

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The European Union is concerned about the increasing power of large technology companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon. And rightly so: these companies collect an abundance of information about their customers, and it is not always clear what exactly happens with that data.

It seems as if the roles have been reversed. It shouldn’t be Mark Zuckerberg, but you who own your personal information. The right to determine who has access to this information should be in your hands. Of course it is understandable that Albert Heijn must know whether you are of age when you buy a bottle of wine online, but this does not justify having your full date of birth for years to come.


So-called identity walls are now being worked on to prevent hoarding of personal data. An identity wallet is a kind of personal digital safe, of which you own and in which you can store personal data. The idea is: you determine which information you store in that ‘ safe ’. If a company or institution then requests data, or wants to verify your identity, you give them access to only what they need, and no more. As if you open a door of the safe.

You can read the full article (in Dutch) here.

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