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NIST Identity & Access Management Roadmap

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Identity and Access Management (IAM) represents the complex orchestration of multiple technologies, standards, and protocols that enable someone to access services, benefits, and data—and it’s a key component to creating trusted, modern digital services. NIST has long played a leadership role in advancing critical research, standards, and technology in support of IAM efforts—and this role continues to be a major priority today.

NIST’s multi-disciplinary Identity Program is committed to the advancement of a more secure, privacy-enhancing, and inclusive Identity Ecosystem. NIST invites you to join as their co-creators of this envisioned end state by contributing to their draft IAM Roadmap, which presents a set of strategic objectives, priorities, and initiatives that they intend to pursue alongside their community of collaborators like you.

To join, just go to the NIST website.

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