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IDnext meetup: AI in Identity

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We are pleased to invite you to the IDnext meetup that will take place at IKEA premises in Delft on September 14 from 18:00 – 20:00.

Because Main mission of IDnext is all about sharing knowledge. There are multiple ways of doing this. Still, we do know that time is precious, and it needs to be spent in an effective and timely manner. That’s why IDnext is organising this IDnext meetup.

AI in Identity

AI has advanced greatly in the last few years with the introduction of large language learning models and generative AI being able to create text as well as graphics and video of a quality that equals the outputs of real humans.

How can we leverage AI within the IAM space and what challenges in the technical, organizational and ethical spaces do we have to tackle?

Mathieu Ahlstrom is the IAM team lead at Inter Ikea and will share his insights into this very exciting topic.  

Mathieu Ahlstrom has a long experience in retail contexts, moving organically from shop floor management through best practice documentation and then into digital topics. He has been working with workforce IAM at Inter IKEA Systems since 2015.

Topics such as franchisee relations and business reorganisations have featured prominently. He is no stranger to the business challenges of identity federation and distributed governance. And, of course, the modern world of data privacy compliance. Based in the Netherlands, Mathieu in his spare time jams with his buddies in a fusion metal band. He also participates in an agility training with Gracie, one of his two Parson Russell Terriers.  Linkedin profile

Join us at this interesting meetup and register here.

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