Digicampus, Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) and IDnext join forces.

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By means of joint strength and collaboration, Digicampus, DBC and IDnext aim to boost innovation in the field of (de)centralisation of digital identities.

The continued development of digital identity attracts growing attention in the Netherlands as well as outside its national borders. Since an increasingly larger part of our lives is being handled digitally, having a digital identity that can support this and that helps protect citizens from illegitimate use of their personal details is crucial.

In order to reinforce the dissemination of knowledge about and the development of digital identity, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC), IDnext and Digicampus have joined forces. The covenant, signed on 28 April last, entails a knowledge partnership to contribute knowledge to the development of a new (decentralised) digital identity that matches the needs of citizens and businesses and fully protects their interests with respect to core values such as sovereignty and privacy. The intention is to implement this aim by organising events, giving workshops and publishing articles and whitepapers.

The three parties will determine mutually – and on the basis of participant feedback – which topics with regard to digital identity will periodically appear on the agenda. For instance, the discussion about the use and the necessity of transitioning from a centralised to a decentralised identity infrastructure.

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