IDnext 2021: the future of online identification

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Considering the significance of digital identities.

Digital identities have never been more topical, as illustrated by the heated debate surrounding ‘COVID passports’. At the IDnext Identity Matters conference on 11 and 12 October, a strong line-up of experts will explore the subject of digital identities: how is the field developing and why is it important to think carefully about the approaches we adopt? The event in Utrecht will involve presentations and debates on all aspects of digital identification. Another highlight of the event will be presentation of the Identity Innovation Award.


Over the course of the programme’s two days, experts from the worlds of business and academia will make presentations on various topics relating to digital identities. One will be Rabobank’s Henk Marsman, who’ll explore the difficulties of creating a digital ID system that doesn’t exclude anyone. Sylvie Vandevelde from Belgian e-identity provider Itsme will take a close look at the privacy implications of online identification, while the University of Twente’s Roland van Rijswijk will be shedding light on the rise of post-quantum cryptography and its challenges for digital identities.

Day 2’s speakers include SIDN Labs’ Cristian Hesselman, who will look at ways of making the internet more reliable. The second day also offers the opportunity to attend various presentations on digital identities in practice. Among the presenting organisations will be Meeco, who develop infrastructure for reliable personal data ecosystems; Portbase, a digital port logistics solution vendor; and Styra, the firm behind open-source authorisation solutions for cloud-native applications.

Also on the IDnext program are various roundtable discussions. On Day 1, the discussion topic will be the role of identities in retail and logistics. While the second day of IDnext 2021 will feature a number of group discussions delving into the topics of self-sovereign identity and attribute-based identity.

Identity Innovation Award

A highlight of the IDnext proceedings will once again be presentation of the Identity Innovation Award, recognising innovative concepts in the field of digital identities. This year’s nominees are: Innovalor, the company behind identity verifier RealID; Asignio, a biometric login solution; and PureID, a password-free authentication solution. Previous Innovation Award winners are eHerkenning, Ziggur and the OpenID Foundation.

IDnext 2021 takes place at De Fabrique in Utrecht on 11 and 12 October. The full program is available here.

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