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Asignio wins Digital Identity Innovation Award 2021 at IDnext

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Asignio has been declared the winner of the Digital Identity Innovation Award 2021 at the IDnext event.

Asignio is a safer simpler way to sign in. This Multi Model authentication service – unlike any other biometric service- has the best of two worlds: it is changeable like a password and strong like a biometric. It can also be used on any device, anytime, anywhere because it is cloud based. The other two nominees were Innovalor for ReadID and PureID.

The annual Digital Identity Innovation Award is presented to the developers of a solution that will shape the future of digital identities. Concepts, products and projects are all eligible for recognition. Assessment of the nominations takes account of technological and commercial innovativeness, respect for privacy, potential impact, and added value for users and other stakeholders.

This year’s nominees were:


Innovalor was nominated for ReadID, a software solution for NFC-based identity verification. ReadID makes it possible to utilise the capabilities of NFC in a reliable, secure and scalable way.


Asignio enables secure logins on the basis of multi-factor authentication, with dual biometric synchronisation. Using Asignio’s recognition technology, two biometric attributes – signature and face, or voice and face – can be checked simultaneously.


PureID has developed a cloud-based platform that uses proof-of-association, a password-free authentication method. The approach enables more secure and reliable logins.

Previous Innovation Award winners include eHerkenning, Ziggur and the OpenID Foundation.

The award was presented today at the IDnext event, which continues tomorrow. At the event, a strong line-up of experts is exploring the subject of digital identities: how is the field developing and why is it important to think carefully about the approaches we adopt? The event in Utrecht involves presentations and debates on all aspects of digital identification. Details are available here:

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