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IDnext Lunch Break – Modernize legacy IAM

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The main mission of IDnext is all about sharing knowledge. There are multiple ways for doing this. Still, we do know that time is precious, and it needs to be spent in well timely manner. What is the best way of doing this?

During the day, it is time for a break and to have a moment to sit down and have a good discussion with fellow peers, connect and share your thoughts on a variety of topics.

Therefore, IDnext is introducing IDnext (Lunch) Break.
This means: One theme, one guest and interesting content.
The only thing that you need to arrange: your own lunch!

Topic of this Lunch Break is

Modernize legacy IAM

“Increase operational efficiency and pave the way for Zero Trust”

Speaker is Roy Peters – Sr. Strategic Account Executive @Ping identity

Having held various roles with various Cyber Security companies, Roy Peters is a Jack-of-all-trades in the Cyber Security landscape. Mobile Device Management, Security Operations and Response, Email Protection, and Data Loss Prevention are some of the areas that he is familiar with.

Most recently, he has joined Ping Identity to work with enterprise clients on their identity posture, both for their employees and their customers. Roy believes that a solid grasp of managing identities is the key to frictionless user experiences without compromising on security. Therefore, Identity Management, when done right, can be a business enabler instead of a cost or a burden.

On a daily basis, Roy speaks to customers on how to build an intelligent identity management platform that improves security while creating extraordinary user experiences. Making use of available technology like biometrics, wallets and other digital identity enablers, can vastly improve both security and the way that an user interacts with web services and applications. In addition, underlying (machine learning) engines and intelligence enable adaptive authentication capabilities which make the identity space an interesting and exciting space to be working in.

This IDnext Lunch Break is co-hosted by Ping Identity.

Ping, partner IDnext '22

Registration for this online Lunch Break is free.

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