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For this final blog of the year, we’d like to present the Dutch internet community with a review of the research our partner SIDN did in 2021. This year’s review takes the form of eight key insights they obtained, together with details of how SIDN arrived at them. In other words: what do they know now that they didn’t know in January?

Their top eight insights from 2021 are listed below, in no particular order.

  1. Clear guidelines on DNS loops can help prevent DDoS attacks
  2. Time services also appear to be increasingly centralised
  3. It’s possible to do academic research and have operational impact
  4. Realistic simulations are a valuable steppingstone to production deployment
  5. Logo scanning can be used for large-scale malicious website detection
  6. DNS data can help prevent data breaches in 6.2 million domain names
  7. There is increasing traction for research into the internet of the future
  8. Sometimes it’s best to transfer a project to the community

To read about them all, or just particular ones, please click here.


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