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This is how GPT-4 will be regulated

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Foundation models like GPT-4 could pose a serious challenge to regulators. But US, UK and EU watchdogs’ responses have been wildly divergent.

AI firms should welcome regulation – that, at least, was the message from Mira Murati. “We need a ton more input in this system, and a lot more input that goes beyond the technologies,” OpenAI’s chief technology officer told TIME, “definitely [from] regulators and governments and everyone else.” Murati didn’t specify precisely what form such oversight should take, knowing that the release of GPT-4, its newest and most powerful model, was just a month away. Instead the interview took a sharp left into the executive’s cultural preferences, beginning with Murati’s love for the Radiohead ditty ‘Paranoid Android’ – not the most uplifting song, to be sure, “but beautiful and thought provoking.”

For most companies, regulation is a necessary evil. Read the full article here.

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