New Interoperable Europe Act to deliver more efficient public services through improved cooperation between national administrations on data exchanges and IT solutions

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The Commission has adopted the Interoperable Europe Act proposal and its accompanying Communication to strengthen cross-border interoperability and cooperation in the public sector across the EU. The Act will support the creation of a network of sovereign and interconnected digital public administrations and will accelerate the digital transformation of Europe’s public sector. It will help the EU and its Member States to deliver better public services to citizens and businesses, and as such, it is an essential step to achieve Europe’s digital targets for 2030 and support trusted data flows.

The Interoperable Europe Act introduces a cooperation framework for public administrations across the EU that helps build a secure cross-border exchange of data and agree on shared digital solutions, such as open-source software, guidelines, checklists, frameworks, and IT tools. It will also enable them to cooperate more effectively, exchange information and ensure the seamless delivery of public services across borders, sectors and organisational boundaries. It stimulates public sector innovation and public-private “GovTech” projects.

You can read the full article here.

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