IDnext welcomes PIMN members

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After more than 10 years, PIMN will cease to act as a Platform for Identity Management in the Netherlands.

During the development of an authentication service for higher education by SURFnet from 2001, I became aware that, while many identity management experts were aware of each other’s activities, a larger group did not know about each other’s activities and interest. There was room for a platform where people, organisations and initiatives could meet. The Identity Management Nederland platform (PIMN) was started by the end of 2007, and since then, many meetings have been organised to discuss developments in the field of electronic identity (eID), including the ‘coming of age’ of Dutch DigiD and the explosive growth of the use of biometrics on mobile phones. Concerns regarding data concentration by a limited number of service providers are ongoing, while the Dutch eID landscape continues to be fascinating: how about the strong focus on identification, silent authentication, machine learning and yet another government initiative?

In 2018, I put my active identity management work on hold, and as a result PIMN ended up on the backburner. Beside PIMN, IDnext has been actively supporting identity management experts for a number of years. I am glad that IDnext, with Robert Garskamp as the initiator, supported by an advisory board, is willing to accommodate the PIMN community. Robert Garskamp asked me to ensure you that IDnext welcomes PIMN participants.

In the near future, this will be endorsed by news items and through the LinkedIn group. You will also be apprised of changes in the web address.
Lastly, we would very much like to thank Jaap for the pleasant and interesting collaboration.

Jaap Kuipers  and Robert Garskamp
March 2019

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