Speaker lineup

For our IDnext Event 2021 we have an interesting lineup planned. Subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage, or check in on our website regularly to check out more details about our keynote speakers and other participants.

Jaya Baloo – Chief Information Security Officer @ Avast
Jaya Baloo Ms. is formally recognized within the list of top 100 CISOs globally and ranks among the top 100 security influencers worldwide. In 2019, she was also selected as one of the fifty most inspiring women in the Netherlands by Inspiring Fifty, a non-profit aiming to raise diversity in technology by making female role models in technology more visible. Read more >>

Keynote speaker IDnext event 21 Jaya Baloo

Marten van der Velde – Director Strategy & Innovation @ Portbase
Marten started working at Port infolink in 2003, where he started at the Product Development department. In 2009 Port infolink merged with Portnet into Portbase. Marten stayed onboard as Strategy & Business Consultant. In 2014 Marten became the Director Strategy & Innovation, in which he is part of the management team and responsible for the strategy of the organization, its portfolio and the R&D and innovation function. Read more >>

Keynote speaker IDnext 2021 Marten van der Velde

Henk Marsman – Lead Product Manager for Identity and Access Management @ Rabobank. Henk Marsman is responsible for the cohesion and service orientation of the IAM services and works with the IAM product owners in Rabobank to materialize the vision and strategy. Enabling cloud usage with efficient and effective identity and access management, streamlining access management processes for the workforce and standardizing the service itself are key imperatives. . Read more >>

Henk Marsman

Maarten Bevers – Information Security Officer & Data Protection Officer @ LeasePlan
Maarten Bevers is an Information Security Officer with a specialism in IAM, with experience in global enterprises. Coming from a background of general safety & security management and predictive profiling/crowd control. Within the world of information security and IAM, communication is key. Maarten focusses on translating technical and “dull” material to layman’s terms, both from a process as well as a policy point of view. Read more >>

Keynote speaker Maarten Bevers

Esther Makaay – Business & eID Analyst/Architect @ Connectis/Signicat and member of the IDnext association Advisory Board.
She is working on new business development and involved in the developments regarding Digital Identities and Trust Frameworks, DNS(SEC) and (new) Top Level Domains. She has expert knowledge of Internet Technologies. During this IDnext event Esther is one of our moderators. She will be hosting the Unconference. Read more >>

Esther Makaay is a member of IDnextplatform advisory board

Roland van Rijswijk – Professor of Network Security @ University of Twente and Principal Scientist @ NLnet Labs
Roland van Rijswijk-Deij is professor of measurement-based Internet Security at the University of Twente in The Netherlands. His research interests include the security of core Internet infrastructures, such as the Domain Name System and Routing, and the transition of Internet trust infrastructures to quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms at an Internet-wide scale. Read more >>

Speaker IDnext 2021 Roland van Rijswijk

Jacoba Sieders – Independent IDentity- & Access Management guru, member of the IDnext association Advisory Board.
Jacoba is an expert and thought leader on Digital Identity who has been leading IAM functions in the financial industry during the past 2020 years. The last ones were the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg, which is the financial institution of the European Union. During this IDnext event Jacoba is one of our moderators. Read more >>

Jacoba Sieders is one of the members of the IDnextplatform Advisory Board.

Martin Sandren – Manager Business Analyst IAM @ Ahold Delhaize, member of the IDnext association Advisory board.
Martin Sandren is a security architect and delivery lead with over eighteen years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and digital identity including global scale (20+ million users) customer and internal IAM systems using Microsoft, Forgerock, IBM and Oracle security stacks. At this IDnext event Martin is one of our moderators. Read more >>

Martin Sandren is a member of the IDnextplatform Advisory Board.

Nupur KohliMedical Doctor and Advisor, Supervisory Board Member UNICEF Netherlands.
Nupur Healthcare Leader, Medical Doctor, Author, innovative Speaker, Supervisory Board member of UNICEF the Netherlands and member International Advisory of the Amsterdam Economic Board, The Netherlands. A former healthcare strategy Advisor at EY, she is currently medical advisor with the largest healthcare insurance company in the Netherlands. Read more >>

Nupur Kohli

Mathieu Ahlstrom – Solution Manager IAM, Inter IKEA Systems.
Mathieu Ahlstrom has a long experience in retail contexts, moving organically from shop floor management through best practice documentation and then into digital topics. He has been working with workforce IAM at Inter IKEA Systems since 2015. Read more >>

Mathieu Ahlstrom

Bob Kronenburg– Proposition & Business development digital identity and trust @ SIDN Bob has a background in digital innovation and (corporate) start-ups in public services and energy transition. He joined SIDN in 2019 to build and market the cooperation between the Privacy By Design Foundation and SIDN. Read more >>

Foto Bob Kronenburg

John Erik Setsaas – VP of identity and innivation @ Signicat AS.

With over 25 years’ experience in digital identity, John Erik Setsaas is a pioneer in this space.  He is a prolific speaker at fintech industry events around the world including Money20/20 Europe, Digital Finance World. Mobile World Congress, Trustech, EiC and FinTech Connect Read more >>

Foto John Erik Setsaas

Annant Gujral – Domain Architect – Identity Security @ Ahold Delhaize
Annant is a Cyber Security Professional with experience in domains like Cyber Security Strategy & Assessments, Identity Access Management(IAM), Privileged Access Management(PAM) and Information Security Risk Management. Read more >>


Katryna Dow – CEO & Founder @ Meeco
Katryna founder of Meeco; an award winning personal data platform. She is an advocate for digital rights and speaks globally on privacy, identity,, data protection and Me2B business models. Read more >>

Katryna Dow, speaker at IDnext '21.

Simon HaniaSenior Director and Data Protection Officer @ Uber
Simon Hania is Senior Director and Data Protection Officer at Uber, as well as a member of the Supervisory Board of SIDN, the registry and administrator of the .nl online domain. Previously, he served as Vice President for Privacy & Security at TomTom and as a Technical Director at XS4ALL. Read more >>

Foto Simon Hania

Manuel Garat Loureiro – Head Identity & Acces Management @ Booking.com
After being a software developer for 10 years, I realised that my focus on value delivery, product vision and strategic significance was pulling me towards a new and exciting role. As an IAM (Indentity and Access Management) Product Owner, I can bring together my three passions: Software Development, Security and Agile Methodologies. Read more >>

Foto Manuel Garat Loureiro

Sylvie Vandevelde – Head Marketing & Communication @ Itsme®
From taking care of customer experience in real life to Design Thinking and UX in a digital world, for Sylvie Vandevelde, Head Marketing & Communication at Belgian Mobile ID, the customer-user-citizen needs to be at the heart of every solution. Thanks to technology and innovation, we have the opportunity today to be in the driving seat of our digital us. A digital society needs a digital ID that is easy to use and secure. Read more >>

Foto Sylvie Vandevelde

Yvo Hunink – Innovation Advisor @ Municipality The Hague
Yvo works as an Innovation Advisor for the City of The Hague on the introduction of new decentralized technologies, such as smart grids, edge computing and digital identity. He facilitates innovation processes and design new services and product for the municipality. In his presentation, Yvo will talk about the use cases that the municipality is setting out on the topic of Self Sovereign Identity and he will give a glimpse of a possible governance model for working with this kind of attribute based identity solutions. Read more >>

Yvo Hunink

Larissa Wezenberg – Lead User Experience & Product Owner @ Datakeeper
Product development, user experience and customer research: as a business analyst and user experience lead at Datakeeper it’s important for Larissa that the customer is at the forefront of everything we do. This aligns just so with the vision of the Datakeeper® app, which follows the Self Sovereign Identity principle: being in control of your own data, always knowing when you shared your data and with whom. Read more >>

Foto Larissa Wezenberg

Joris Lange– Team Lead @ Datakeeper
Joris is the teamlead of Datakeeper. Datakeeper is a personal digital safe (app), in which validated data such as identity and income are kept safe. This data can only be viewed by you and is only stored on your phone. It’s a new standard of sharing personal data based on the principles of Self Sovereign Identity.. Read more >>

Foto Joris Lange

Gustaf Kaijser – Head of Sales @ Styra
Head of Sales EMEA, Styra. Gustaf brings +15 years of experience from IAM, from Sun Micro, Novell, Axiomatics and now Styra the creators of Open Policy Agent.. Read more >>

Gustaf Kaiser

Daniel Du Seuil – Convenor @ European Self Sovereign Identity Framework
Daniel Du Seuil is the convenor of the European Self Sovereign Identity Framework within the European Blockchain Partnership. This partnership of 30 EU member states and related countries cooperate in the establishment of a European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) that will support the delivery of cross-border digital public services, with the highest standards of security and privacy. Read more >>

Foto Daniel Du Seuil

Annet Steenbergen

Annet Steenbergen is co-founder/initiator of the Aruba Happy Flow project for the Government of Aruba. The Happy Flow project was the first single token initiative that created a seamless flow of passenger facilitation from curb to gate through the reuse of biometrics and advanced cooperation through datasharing between the public and the private sector in the travel eco system.  Read more >>

Foto Annet Steenbergen

Cristian Hesselman – Director @ SIDN labs

Cristian Hesselman directs SIDN Labs, the research arm of the operator of the Netherlands’ national top-level domain, .nl. His work focuses on advancing the Internet and future networks to support the higher degrees of trust that modern digital societies need, for instance through the design and evaluation of more transparent and controllable networks and through large-scale infrastructure measurements.  Read more >>


Koen de Jong- Advisor digital identities @ InnoValor

Koen de Jong is an advisor at InnoValor focussing on Personal Data Management and Digital Identities.  Read more >>

thumbnail_Foto Koen de Jong

Ward Duchamps – CEO @ Scaled Access

Ward Duchamps is partner and founder of Scaled Access. The scaleup that provides trailblazing externalized authorization management. Read more >>

Foto Ward Duchamps

Cor de Jonge – Business owner @ Ministry of Justice and Security

Based in Almelo, The Netherlands, Cor has lead the development and implementation of the Public Key Infrastructure for Extended Access Control (PKI EAC) for border management and immigration.. Read more >>

Foto Cor de Jonge

Eefje van der Harst – domain lead identity & senior manager @ Innopay

Eefje is an experienced project manager with a history of working in complex multi-stakeholder projects on data sharing, digital identity, AI and Trust Frameworks in logistics, higher education, and the financial services industry. Read more >>

Eefje van der Harst

Sterre den Breeijen – portfolio manager SSI and consultant @ TNO

Sterre is consultant at TNO ICT and portfolio manager SSI. She is responsible for TNO’s knowledge building on SSI and achieving R&D milestones. Read more >>

Foto Sterre den Breeijen

Tim Franssen – board member @ Nuts foundation

Tim has been a board member of the Nuts Foundation since day one. The Nuts initiative (www.nuts.nl) is a community of healthcare IT suppliers and a supporting foundation, that together work towards a re-usable, flexible, simple and safe decentralized infrastructure for data exchange in the healthcare sector. Read more >>

Foto Tim Franssen

Hans Niendienker – CEO @ Ivido

As an entrepreneur and innovator in Healthcare my mission is “patient empowerment and collaborative care”. I believe that both are crucial and necessary developments for a sustainable healthcare.  I founded Ivido, the first dutch MedMij PHR (PGO) to support the empowerment of patients and also the health of every human being. Read more >>

Foto Hans Niendieker