Cloud Transformation

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‘Identity & Access Management in the cloud’

We have become accustomed to quick usability of services from our consumer-driven cloud experiences. This has driven business cloud services to offer quick and easy adoption, enabling cloud services implementation across organizations at an increased pace.

However, this may lead to situations where the cloud ecosystem is scattered across multiple organizations, with difficulty in controlled access to the services. 

Due to the agile nature of cloud, the identities of users need to be addressed properly to facilitate service lifecycle. Additionally, there generally are challenges when migrating from one cloud to another, or getting multiple clouds working seamlessly together – be it within the organization, or with external partners or customers.

Providing the right types of identity and access solutions for organizations to help leverage previously made investments is key. So is expanding these solutions and processes and figuring out new ways of working when adopting new cloud services or a hybrid cloud environment. In an optimal situation this is done with minimal visibility to the end user. 

The goal is to ensure that the right people get the right access, to the right resources at the right times, for the right reasons, enabling the right business outcomes.

This is especially valuable with cloud transformations where we see growing numbers of users, both internal managed and external users such as customers, managing their own accounts.

Migrating environments and services to the cloud provides several benefits but this transformation also includes risks that should be handled accordingly. We can ensure that your cloud environment is set up in the correct way, regardless of whether it is utilizing IaaS or PaaS to build your own applications, migrating current systems to the cloud, or utilizing SaaS in individual functions.

Contact us so for more insight into how to utilize cloud computing reliably and securely, and how to keep the cloud you have built or deployed secure – with the associated risks remaining at an acceptable level: salesbenelux@nixu.com 

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