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Almost three years ago IDPro was founded: https://www.idpro.org/news/press-release/. IDPro is an organization that caters for the needs of professionals working in the area of Identity and Access Management.

Some of the goals of IDPro are to support identity professionals to improve the digital identity profession through knowledge sharing, mentoring, education and certification. In order to achieve these goals, different activities were started including the creation of the Body of Knowledge (BoK). A committee was set up to discuss the BoK mission and strategy and in different rounds the concept was created and a Table of Contents was deployed:  https://github.com/IDPros/bok-toc/blob/master/maintoc.pdf

As it turns out, creating the BoK takes a lot of effort of the volunteers and a lot of time. A side effect of the work of the volunteers was the drafting of the Annotated Bibliography: https://github.com/IDPros/anno-biblio/blob/master/anbib.pdf

In the meantime, the committee appointed The Shepherds, who were made responsible for creating the content of a chapter of the BoK. The Shepherds are not just being the author of articles. It is also their role to seek authors and reviewers.

We already have some results. The first issue of the BoK has been published at the end of March 2020. Issue 1 contains different articles by multiple authors. Each article is peer reviewed by different committee members and the end result is vetted by the board of IDPro. Feel free to browse the content of Issue 1: https://www.idpro.org/body-of-knowledge/.

For my part, being member of the core committee, I contributed to the Anbib, but I’m also the shepherd for the chapters about Access Control and Operational Considerations. But as I mentioned earlier, this is all voluntary work and we need as much experience and knowledge we can find to create the BoK. That’ s why I already contacted some of you to ask if you would like to contribute some of your work. It would be great if we could all work together to generate our knowledge!

By André Koot
IDnext Advisory Board Member
IAM and Security Consultant Nixu Benelux

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