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Prepare for digital identity wallets while there is still time, SIA advises

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Digital identity wallets are here, and governments and businesses alike should start preparing their strategies now, according to a new paper from the Secure Identity Alliance.
The SIA Digital Identity Group wrote the report, and says that the adoption of digital ID wallets picked up due to the pandemic.

In ‘On the road to User-Centricity: Digital Identity in the Electronic Wallet era,’ the SIA explores the use of digital certificates on mobile phones as derived digital identities. It starts with the basics, like what ‘authentication’ and ‘authorization’ are, and how a digital ID is derived from a foundational identity document.

The 88-page, three-part paper is intended as a guide for national governments, public service bodies, private companies serving end-users, and NGOs to the state of the art in and adoption of digital identity wallets.

You can reed the full article here.

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