IDnextplatform 10-year Anniversary

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IDnextplatform exists 10 years today.

It only feels like yesterday. The day that IDnext was founded and started its mission to create an open and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of Digital identity, create awareness about Digital Identity, provide a knowledge and networking platform for experts in IT, Business and Marketeers as a European centre of expertise. In the early days, IDnext was one of a kind. With devoted people from the digital identity world, we tried to establish a movement that supports the transition from the traditional into digital world. And I do believe that we managed, with the assets we had at the time.

Way ahead at the time

When it was just founded, the first IDnext event took place about ‘identity is the new Normal‘. 10 years later, that feels as if we (IDnext) were way ahead at the time. After all, (digital) identity is the new ‘Normal’ once again. Due to COVID-19, we are forced to adjust our lifestyles, our working methods and our social interactions (with family, friends and neighbours). These activities inevitably pivot on (digital) identity.

One of a kind and authentic

In the course of time, IDnext has contributed to and organized numerous events, masterclasses and workshops for and with the IDnext community. A number of speakers travelled around the world to join an IDnext event and share their knowledge and experience. It was (and still is) challenging to define a unique program that is so distinguishable from other events. But we believe we were successful. IDnext would like to be one of a kind and authentic.

IDnext has astablished a position as an independent European platform

IDnext evolved in tune with the world. Through the different initiatives developed by IDnext, we tried to fulfil our mission and contribute in various ways. We do believe that IDnext has established a position as an independent European platform that will bring professionals together in a safe world for open discussion and transparency. And I’d like to give special thanks to our Advisory Board members that think along, help shape IDnext and contribute to different developments.

And we certainly will continue with our efforts in the near future.

We would like to thank you for all your support during the past ten years. Because without your help, we would not be there as we are today. And we do hope that we can count on your support in the next 10 years?

Stay safe and well.

Best regards, Robert Garskamp

Founder IDnextplatform

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