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IDnext event 2023: The state of Identity

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The European Digital Identity (un)conference

Our (digital) Identity and our Identity landscape are constantly developing. Main theme of this year’s edition is ‘The state of Identity’ with an interesting program that brings you up to speed on the latest developments. The annual IDnext event takes place on December 4, 2023 at Villa Jongerius in Utrecht. Register now.

Balance between security, privacy and individual rights

The evolution of the state of Identity is ongoing and dynamic. It involves a delicate balance between enhancing security, protecting privacy and ensuring individual rights in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. As technology continues to advance and societal attitudes evolve, the landscape of Identity wil continue to change and adapt.

The latest developments with ‘The state of Identity’

The IDnext conference ‘The state of Identity’ focuses on all aspects of these developments, including privacy, trust, inclusiveness, data, AI, ethics, safety and security. The program consists of a mix of practical demonstrations, presentations and panel discussions that will keep you up to date with the latest developments in one go.

Leading and independent event

The IDnext event is Europe’s leading, independent and interdisciplinary conference in the field of Digital Identity. Leading experts, innovators and key players such as Daniel Du Seuil from ESBI, Pieter Kasselman from Microsoft, Aditya Kumar from Vodafone business, Joerg Lenz from Namirial, Marijn Markus from Cap Gemini and John Erik Setsaas from Tietovry will update you on relevant issues in the field of trust frameworks, security, privacy and much more. An ideal setting to get in touch with other experts and learn from each other.

Program and registration

IDnext is organising the event in close collaboration with SIDN. The two organisations are pooling with both resources, knowledge and information to create an exceptional, independent conference. So save this date in your calendar and keep a close eye on our website for more information about the speakers and the program. Registration is now open.

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