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IDnext and Capgemini join forces on ID-wallet analysis

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Digital wallets seem to be the future. But how do they work? And what is the impact of digital wallets on our society? Capgemini and IDnext will provide insight by analysing the variety of ID-wallets against criteria of functionality, usability and privacy for the end-user.

For now, Identity Wallets are mainly used in the sectors where it is mandatory and the (semi) public sector. This includes governments, healthcare, etc. Online stores are still very reluctant.
For digital transactions, using ID-wallets, companies and government agencies need to be able to accurately identify credentials, monitor and manage user access to information and information systems. Still, there is a road to be paved.

The most effective way to explore this road any further, is to find out the usage of existing ID-wallets in the Netherlands by a walk through the user journey. From choosing a wallet-ID, to installing and enrolling, and eventually unsubscribing and removal of the wallet-ID. During the user journey functionality, usability and privacy requirements are discovered. At the IDnext event, the outcome of this journey including the analysis will be shared.

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