IDnext advisory board members prolong their membership in 2022

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IDnextplatform is pleased to announce that the IDnext advisory board members will prolong their membership in 2022. The advisory board is a panel of distinguished experts from multiple domains/ sectors committed to keeping our foundation on the cutting edge of digital identity practices and safeguarding the foundation as the premier platform of state-of-the-art services to its members.

“As IDnextplatform continues to grow, the IDnext advisory board fulfils a vital function by providing strategic advice to IDnextplatform”, said Robert Garskamp, founder of IDnextplatform. “We are delighted that we can continue with these members, who have earned their credits in this field, and we appreciate that they continue to share their experience and knowledge with IDnextplatform and its community. 

One of our valued advisory board members is Martin Sandren (Manager business analyst at Ahold Delhaize). Martin stated.”I am looking forward to continuing the work of developing the digital identity community in the Netherlands. IDnext is a strong platform, not only for professional development but also as a way to connect with your peers in the industry.” 

Peter Hoogendoorn (Managing Consultant at Cap Gemini) foresees that “in the digital world it is all about identities and identity-related information. Having law enforced standards for identity information exchange and processing is vital for a community to thrive. Transforming our daily experience into strategic directions for governments, enterprises and institutions, is the value we bring to IDnext as experts in the field and implementing them in our daily work is what adds value to the members of IDnextplatform.” 

And finally, Bharadwaj Pulugundla (Business development partner at Verizon) states, “Identity is the red line that connects all the people, systems, objects and transactions. It is a fundamental instrument to build trustworthiness in the physical and digital (Phygital) world. 

Other IDnext board members are Arnold Roosendaal, Andre Koot, Bob Kronenburg, Esther Makaay , Inge de Ruijter, and Poppe Wijnsma . 

Jacoba Sieders (independent IDentity- & Access Management guru) retired from the advisory board. We would like to thank her for support and commitment during her membership. 

IDnextplatform is an open an independent networking platform that is the basis for boosting collaboration and exchanging knowledge. IDnextplatform sows, promotes, incites, and shares. Together with you, we aim for secure digital identity. 

If you want to learn more about our advisory board members please click here.

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