Five years of e-Residency: past, present and future

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As I reported earlier this week in this blog post, between 24 November and 1 December 2019, the e-Residency team travelled around the world to join e-residents, partners, Estonian embassy and consulate representatives, and other stakeholders to celebrate the 5th anniversary of e-Residency.

Celebrations took place in over 20 locations from New York to Dubai, Istanbul to Seoul, and many places in between. At each event, participants heard keynote speeches from local Estonian Ambassadors as well as presentations by a representative of the e-Residency team, a service provider, and one or more e-residents.

We estimate that there were nearly 1,000 people in total who attended the events. But we acknowledge that there were many from the e-resident community who couldn’t make it.

For those of you who were unable to attend e-Residency Week, we want to fill you in on what our team presented at each of the events. This post is an adapted version of our presentation, covering the past, present, and future of e-Residency.

In this way, we hope to involve the whole community of Estonian e-residents in this important milestone for e-Residency and to fill you in on the story so far and what’s to come.


To read the full article by Otto Vatter, click here.

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