Annual IDnext 2023

The evolution of the state of Identity is ongoing and dynamic. It involves a delicate balance between enhancing security, protecting privacy, and ensuring individual rights in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. As technology continues to advance and societal attitudes evolve, the landscape of Identity will continue to change and adapt.

The IDnext conference “The state of Identity” focused on all aspects of these developments, including privacy, trust, inclusiveness, data, AI, ethical, safety, social and assurance.

This unique and once only opportunity “Annual IDnext Event 2023” – edition took place on 4 December 2023 at Villa Jongerius in Utrecht (Netherlands). Main theme of this year’s edition was “The state of Identity” with an interesting program that brings you up to speed on the latest developments. For an impression of last years event you can watch this video.

The annual IDnext event is Europe’s leading independent, interdisciplinary, unbiased and European focused conference . Worldwide experts, innovators and key players in the world of Digital Identity will address the most relevant issues in the fields of trust frameworks, blockchain, secure Internet, security, mobility, privacy and much more – informing a highly qualified audience on the evolution of the digital identity upon which future developments will be built.

The program of the event consists of a mixture of practical demonstrations, presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions covering key challenges, visions and strategies. This conference is an indispensable event for those in business, public sector and government who are involved in the policy, security, systems and processes surrounding trust.

This conference is for experts and professionals who have the following profiles:
Chief Security / Technology Officer /Chief Information Officer / MIS Director/Head of Security / Trust Security Architect / Analyst / Program and/or Project manager/ IT / Network Manager/ Research Director / Head of R&D/ CEO / President/ Managing Director / Chief Operating Officer/ Government Ministers/ Marketeers/ Information manager/ HR manager.

Annual IDnext event is organized by IDnext and in close cooperation with SIDN and will contain the highest quality content, where IDnext and SIDN combine their resources, knowledge and information to create an exceptional, independent  conference focussing on European public and private trust related areas.

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