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The goal of IAM is to ensure that all users have access to all the data and systems they need to do their job while at same time minimizing the attack surface by not over provisioning access. As systems becomes larger and more complex and the user populations grows this becomes harder and harder.

Artificial intelligence and analytics offers a way to focus the identity and access governance on key objects that offers the greatest potential for improved security at the lowest cost.

How do you avoid entitlements creep? How do you avoid that recertification campaigns end up being just a mechanical click fest where that only serves to annoy the business? How can you distinguish normal access pattern from a covert attack?

Dennis Haake will provide an overview of AI in IAM and provide some examples of the key use cases where AI can improve outcomes and lower costs.

Due to covid this meetup will be held online and the event is presented in cooperation with Forgerock.

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