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10 years of eHerkenning: indispensable, reliable, versatile

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One way to reliably log in for businesses and organizations. That was the starting point in 2010. Until 2010, nearly every government organization had its own approach to online services for entrepreneurs. With eHerkenning, (government) organizations know whom they are dealing with, and they know when someone is entitled to do what they want to do on behalf of their business or organization, while users can count on doing business safely and reliably.

Now, in 2020, entrepreneurs, organizations and intermediaries can use one login token to call on 450 government organizations for more than 1,200 services. In ten years’ time, eHerkenning has asserted itself as an indispensable link to online transactions between businesses and government bodies. As many as 500,000 corporate users now use eHerkenning. For instance, they use it to file their VAT declaration, report that a staff member is no longer ill or apply for a Certificate of Good Behaviour (VOG).

eHerkenning is shored up by a solid partnership of public and private parties. Since each of them supplies eHerkenning, its use is guaranteed. Only suppliers that have been acknowledged by the central government are allowed to supply eHerkenning. Thus, both users and (government) organizations can rely on a token that fulfils every requirement. The Dutch Digital Government Act (‘Wet digitale overheid’) will confirm this, and many government organizations will follow.

In the past ten years, eHerkenning had proven itself as the ultimate way for these users to log in to government organizations. But that is not all. A growing number of businesses is now using eHerkenning to provide services to other businesses. Moreover, the login token is ready to cross the border. eHerkenning complies with all the conditions imposed by the European Union and has recently been recognized as a European login token. An important step, since this will soon make it easier than ever before to safely and reliably conduct business in the EU.

In 2012, eHerkenning received the Digital Identity Innovation Award. This award highlighted the value of eHerkenning as an innovative and successful solution, which has proven itself over the last 10 years, and became an example for others, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

For many years IDNext and eHerkenning have worked together, providing knowledge, innovation and awareness. This year, they are both celebrating their 10-year anniversary, an important milestone in the world of digital identity!

Like to find out more? Join the online talk show, eHerkenning 10 years, on 5 November from 11-12 a.m., in which the past, current and further developments of eHerkenning will be highlighted. Further information will follow.

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