Today there is a growing demand for IT-auditors. Many organizations depend on information and communication technology for their day-to-day operations. Continued availability of this technology is a requirement for survival. Managers rely on the security of their networks and computer systems. Fortunately they can make use of the expert judgement and advice of an IT-auditor, concerning the strengths and weakness of the IT-support of their organization.

At present, NOREA has over 1500 registered members, the Registered EDP Auditors (RE’s). All have met explicit requirements for registration. These requirements include the successful completion of a recognized post graduate course on IT-auditing. NOREA’s members have the professional resources to tackle a wide range of assignments.

RE’s audit and advise on the quality of the IT-support of the organization. Key perspectives for the IT-audit and advise are effectiveness, efficiency, manageability, continuity, integrity, security and auditability.

NOREA works to create a greater recognition of the importance of IT-auditing, to improve the standards of practice of the RE and to provide the necessary additionals training of its members. NOREA operates in many national committees on IT-issues, published a Dutch language quarterly magazine “De EDP-Auditor”, defines auditing standards of practice and organizes conferences and workshops.

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