IMF Academy

IMF Academy is part of International Management Forum (IMF), a Netherlands-based independent publisher and training organisation focusing on business information for managers and decision makers in large and middle-sized organisations. During the past 25 years, we gained a solid reputation by providing to the point and valuable information about topics both critical and of current interest.

We develop and organise many classroom-based trainings on hot topics, including (certifying) trainings, master classes and postgraduate continuing professional education. Moreover, we publish various distance learning courses that you can start studying at any desired moment. These distance learning courses are also available online through digital learning. Most of our trainings comply with and prepare for generally acknowledged and internationally valued certifications. In addition, we can organise any training in-company, tailored to your specific needs and wishes.

IAM courses 
Identity Management & Access Control is a critical step in the process of securing company resources, while allowing users enough access to get their job done. In the 4-day Identity Management & Access Control training, all aspects of an IAM track are discussed in such a way the chance of successful implementation increases considerably. Moreover, you are handed tools that will allow you to make an important contribution to the Identity Management & Access Control project.

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