IDnext meetup 2023

17 May IDnext and Capgemini Nederland wil co-host a meetup about the current status of digital wallets in the Netherlands and assess the impact that id-wallets can have, on the basis of id-wallets already existing in our society. For more information and to register please follow this link.

Previously,  IDnext organised the IDnext Meetup, themed around ‘Anonymous but well-known – digital identities under control’. This meetup was also held at Capgemini’s office in Utrecht.

More and more discussions pivot on digital identities, and specifically – but not only – on privacy. Existing methods do give users a firm control over their own identity, but does that make us really anonymous? One patented solution that makes this possible was presented during the Meetup. Another topic was how digital identities may be realised on the blockchain: the Self-Sovereign Identity Framework. And then eIDAS (an EU regulation agreeing to use the same terms, arrangements and infrastructure for access to online services) has been on its way for more than a year. It was about time to share the first experiences acquired with that.

Why another eID event?

It is clear that this topic is evolving. There is a revision of the eIDAS regulation. And with that, the transition from digital identity to digital ID wallet has also been set in motion. The Dutch government has the ambition to introduce a first version of wallet in 2023. In addition, other wallet providers are also developing or even using it. (so-called) large-scale pilots have also been started for this purpose.

In addition, a broad movement is underway for the development of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI). This is intended to give the user more control over what data you want to share with whom, while ensuring a reliable digital identity.

The senate of the Dutch Parliament has also passed the Digital Government Bill. This law lays the foundation for this digitization for the government and regulates general principles, responsibilities, and procedures.

The purpose of this session is not only the primary exchange of knowledge for the benefit of developments in this field, but there are also round tables where there is room for discussions and opinions. And practical cases will be presented. IDnext and Digicampus will also present a white paper on eID Wallet and SSI.

Target audience

This event is aimed at public and private organisations representing citizen and consumer interests.