28 January – You shall not pass! On identity and access control in distributed systems

With our digital systems growing increasingly distributed and our tech stacks increasingly heterogeneous, we need to devise new models around both identity and access control. In this presentation we’ll explore a distributed, scalable model for API security, identity and authorization policy enforcement in a microservice environment.

After a brief introduction to the technologies involved, we’ll take a deep dive into an architecture utilizing OAuth2 and OpenID Connect for carrying identity across our distributed systems, and how once identity is established, we may leverage Open Policy Agent (OPA) for fine-grained policy based access control in our APIs.

We’ll learn how to use Rego, the policy language used by OPA, to write concise and clear policies for access control, as well as methods for distributing them across our platforms and how to monitor policy enforcement in real-time.

Speaker of this online Lunch Break session is Anders Eknert. Anders is developer advocate at Styra with a long background in software development, security and identity systems in primarily distributed environments.

To register click here. For more information please send an email to susanne@identitynext.nl

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