Alexander van den Wall Bake

Alexander van den Wall Bake – Business Consultant Self Sovereign Identity @TNO

With a background in business process optimisation and innovation at different corporates the penny dropped for Alexander in 2019: Innovation in a value chain and among corporates adds a lot more value to society than innovation for a single entity. Furthermore innovation is held back by the lack of a fundamental means of trust in the digital world. We need breakthrough innovation that will disrupt the way we work, the way we interact, the way we perceive value  and with whom we collaborate.

First Alexander started up cross sectoral innovation projects at the Dutch association of insurers. Now he has switched to TNO where Alexander helps organisations to take the leap of faith into a trustworthy and privacy preserving society adopting the framework of Self Sovereign Identity.

He has a special interest in the new forms of collaboration mandatory to establish the level of assurance needed for conducting seamless digital business transactions minimising the needed data.  


Speaker at IDnext '22 Alexander van den Wall Bake