Henk Marsman

Henk Marsman is Lead Product Manager for Identity and Access Management at Rabobank, a top three bank in the Netherlands. He’s responsible for the cohesion and service orientation of the IAM services and works with the IAM product owners in Rabobank to materialize the vision and strategy. Enabling cloud usage with efficient and effective identity and access management, streamlining access management processes for the workforce and standardizing the service itself are key imperatives. Henk is responsible for overseeing the long term strategy and ensuring durable initiatives are deployed. This also includes positioning the theme of identity and access in the broader organization. Prior to joining Rabobank (2017) Henk was a senior advisor with a global consulting firm where he built and led the IAM expertise team in the Netherlands. He has over 20 years of experience in identity and security and speaks at multiple occasions on Digital Identity, Innovation and Agile Delivery of IAM Services.

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