Cor de Jonge

After been a court clerk for more than 20 years and involving in the management of the court, there was a switch to the world of projects. Over the past 12 years, he has been involved in a number of government projects in different roles in the field of Information Technology. The focus was on the policy and organizational aspects of projects with strong IT-components/dependencies and creating a solid the link between business and IT.

Based in Almelo, The Netherlands, Cor has lead the development and implementation of the Public Key Infrastructure for Extended Access Control (PKI EAC) for border management and immigration.

He is also involved as member or country representative in different fora of the European Commission of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation as Specialized Agency of the United Nations), all related to setting world standards for travel documents of creating normative references in that working field.

I’m –amongst other activities- vice-chair and board member of the ICAO Public Key Directory and I participate in the Technical Subgroup of the European Commission advising the Commission in technical matters regarding border crossing, breeder- and ID documents as described in the Rules of Procedure of the EU.

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