Koen de Jong

Koen is an advisor at InnoValor Advies focussing on Digital Identities and Personal Data. At InnoValor Koen helps public and private organisations to better understand digital trends and the impact of it. His expertise lies in topics such as MyData Operators, the European Digital Identity (EDI), personal data wallets and self sovereign identity (SSI). Here his background in cyber security is of great value. However, he is particularly interested in ethics and the impact of technology on individuals. He has run projects such as an analysis of the Dutch Personal Data Management (PDM) landscape, UX research for a Dutch PDM solution, eIDAS peer reviews for the recognition of national eIDs and research regarding the EU Digital Identity (EDI). Currently he is involved in the supervision of eHerkenning, the Dutch eID ecosystem.  

Besides this Koen is an active member within in the MyData Global community, trying to realise a human-centric data economy. For the last 3 years Koen has been leader of the Operator group and member of the review team for the MyData Operator Awards. MyData Operator thinking was crucial inspiration for the Data Intermediation Services within the Data Governance Act (DGA) and shows great similarities with the ambitions of the EDI.