Hitachi ID

The Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite is an integrated solution for identity administration and access governance. It streamlines and secures the management of accounts, security entitlements and credentials across systems and applications, on-premises and in the cloud. Organizations deploy the Hitachi ID Suite to strengthen controls, meet regulatory and audit requirements, improve user service and reduce IT operating costs.

The Hitachi-ID Suite consists of three products, which may be purchased or deployed individually or together:

Hitachi-ID Identity Manager creates and deletes login accounts and assigns and revokes security entitlements across systems and applications. It ensures that users are granted access quickly, that entitlements are appropriate to business need and that access is revoked once no longer required.

Hitachi-ID Password Manager simplifies the management of passwords, tokens, smart cards, security questions and biometrics across systems and applications. It lowers IT support cost and improves the security of login processes.

Hitachi-ID Privileged Access Manager secures access to high risk accounts and security groups. It eliminates shared and static passwords to privileged accounts, and enforces strong, reliable authorization prior to granting access. User access is logged, creating strong accountability.

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