Digidentity offers internet users their own online identity. This is not only our work, it is our mission.

Almost everyone leaves digital traces of their personal data and identity on the internet. For example, when buying online or using social media. These activities are not always secure, and fraudsters are always looking for new ways to get hold of other people’s personal data. That is precisely why Digidentity was founded ten years ago: to improve the protection of internet users’ digital identity and to make their online lives safer.

We focus 100%
What defines our work? We want to give internet users back their privacy. That is the core of our business, the core of our existence. Too much personal details are available on the internet. We are bringing it back to one, safe place. To one, reliable online identity. This way you gain control over your own data. We focus on this. Purely and solely. With our full attention. So that we can excel in it.

We operate internationally
Every individual, his online identity. That is our mission. For this purpose, we are building a scalable platform that is as international as the internet itself. With a unique digital passport you can use anywhere in the world. Safely and reliably. Logically we will focus further than just the Netherlands. You will find us in the United Kingdom. And behind the scenes where are also advising in multiple countries about the developments concerning digital identities. Call use involved across borders.

We put the user first
Nothing more personal than an online identity. The optimal personal experience of our service is then also a central point in our service. How do make the service even more safe, more easy – those are the questions we are continuously asking ourselves. The key factor is the protection of information, so we offer clients privacy and we gain trust. We use our user feedback, analytics and our UX Lab test results to gain happy clients. This way, our product sells itself.

We are raising the bar
We are working hard for the best possible result. Together we will decide how we will do that. We take and organise the area to realise our own ideas for it. In addition to this, we also take into consideration the interest of the entire industry. This means that we are rather an entrepreneur than an employee: we detect new opportunities and combine these.

More information: https://www.digidentity.eu/