DuckDuckGoose is a deepfake detection startup on a mission to create a digital environment where we still can believe what we perceive. Through advances in artificial intelligence and computer vision, we are making it possible to detect deepfakes in an explainable manner.

Our Mission

We are a team of young engineers who grew up with all the benefits of the internet. Our generation is more connected, mobile and abled than any generation prior, because of rapid technological advancements of the last decades. Even though we don’t know the world any differently, we may not take it for granted.

Synthetic media is threatening the reliability of all digital data and (in)directly sabotages our society and democracy this way. The same technology can facilitate financial harm and disruption to telecommunication. When everything might be fake how would you identify fake content or fraud? With our software, we at DuckDuckGoose, want to realize a digital environment where we can still believe what we perceive. Read more>>.

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