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Save the date for IDnext 10 Year Anniversary Meetup!

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IDnextplatform exists 10 years.

But it feels like yesterday. The day that IDnext was founded and started its mission to create an open and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of Digital Identity. With IDnextplatform we want to create awareness about Digital Identity, provide a knowledge and networking platform for experts in IT, Business and Marketeers as a European centre of expertise. In the early days, IDnext was one of a kind. With devoted people from the Digital Identity World, we tried to establish a movement that supports the transition from the traditional into the digital world. And I do believe that we managed, with the assets we had at the time.

This anniversary deserves a big party! But these are strange times and the current measures do not allow us to celebrate this as we would like. Nevertheless, we still want to show appreciation to our partners and supporters who helped IDnextplatform. Because without your help, we would not be there as we are today.

That means that we will organise a special online edition. The IDnext 10 Year Anniversary Meetup!

More information about special edition and it’s program will follow promptly.

Digital IDentity Innovation Award -During this special edition – the Digital Identity Innovation Award will be granted to the best new (innovative) concept or product concerning Digital Identity. With this award, IDnext wants to recognize and support new developments that are shaping the future of the Digital Identity. More information about the award.

Just make sure you save the date! On December 14th we hope to see you online. Registration is open now.

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