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The program committee are excited to announce a number of experts and professionals in the world of Digital IDentity has been brought together to share their vision and knowledge on IDentity.Next'12.

David Birch
Director of Hyperion

Digital money and ID Consultant paving the way for a 21st-century identity services.


Stream: Closing keynote speaker 20.11

John Bradley
Boardmember OpenID foundation

Topic: More information follows soon.

Stream: Closing keynote speaker 21.11

Frans van der Reep
Senior strategist KPN

Topic: More information soon

Stream: Opening keynote 21.11

Andrea Servida
Head of Taskforce "Legislation Team (eIDAS) " at European Commission.

Topic: Strengthening the EU Single Market by boosting convenience and trust online requires secure and seamless cross-border e-transactions. The European Commission is therefore active to provide a predictable regulatory environment for electronic signature and trust services.

Stream: Opening keynote speaker 20.11

Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Senior scientist privacy & security TNO / Associate professor RU Nijmegen

Topic: RMA, Attribute Based Credentials in practise. Attribute credentials allow users to selectively reveal certain properties to service providers.

Stream: Private Eye

Henk Marsman
Manager Risk Services Deloitte

Topic: Identity Analytics, crunching on big data! Increasingly industries are pressured by regulatory compliance requirements to demonstrate that they are fully in control over identity and access management. But are they?

Stream: Own (y)our data

Prabath Siriwardena
Senior architect & Chair management committee Integration Technologies WSO2

Topic: Most of the enterprise solutions adopt products and services from multiple cloud providers to accomplish various business requirements. Identity provisioning plays a key role in propagating user identities across different SaaS providers. Doing this in a non-proprietary way is the challenge which SCIM [Simple Cloud Identity Management] specification intends to address..

Stream: Up in the air

Michael Hagen
CEO IDChecker

Topic: Verification of global E-ID at third trusted parties which are controlled by users.

Stream: Social Consumer

Debbie Kraaijeveld
Identity fraud support office - Ministry of the interior and Kingdom Relations

Topic: Correcting fraud and errors in information chains.

Stream: E-Citizen

Kevin Cox
Founder and Director Edentiti Pty Ltd

Topic: Construction of an electronic identity for world wide use. A user centric based approach in four steps.

Stream: Own (y)our data

James Varga
CEO miiCard Limited

Topic: Creating high levels of trust and assurance in online identities.

Stream: Own (y)our data

Nadya Onishchenko
Chief of IT-department of MetaSociety Concept Group

Topic: The Internet Authentic (Identity Ecosystem a la Rus).

Stream: Private Eye

Alessandro Festa
Sr. System Consultant, Quest Software

Topic: The curious case of the cow, the cheese maker and BYOD. This presentation is about the BYOD concept brought into the corporate ecosystem, as but not only, security breaches, lack of compliance, lack of governance over the not-owned devices, etc…
Stream: MobileMe

Denis Joannides
Founder Innovation District BV and cloud ID expert

Topic: Social login in the financial industry,  it’s just the beginning. The roadmap towards mobile social commerce. 

Stream: Social Consumer

Nick Smaling
Consultant Innopay

Topic: Online age verification in Netherlands; tour d’horizon

Stream: Social Consumer

Nicole Damen
Consultant at PBLQ Zenc

Topic: Electronic communication between citizens and government

Stream: E-Citizen

Nathan Ducastel
Consultant ICT and Governance at HEC


Topic: Electronic communication between citizens and government

Stream: E-Citizen

Jan Stedehouder
Writer, editor, columnist and interculturalist.

Topic: Bring your own device (BYOD) seen from a broader perspective. 

Stream: MobileMe

Davide Parrilli
Lawyer at time.lex lawfirm

Topic: Migration to the Cloud: Data Protection Impact Assesment and Controls for Ongoing Compliance.

Stream: Up in the air

Travis Spencer
CEO Twobo Technologies

Topic: Synergies of Cloud Identity: Putting it all together.

Stream: Up in the air

Minh Le
Business developer, mCommerce Services Atos

Topic: Mobile payments: behind the scenes

Stream: Mobile Me

Andre Boysen
Executive VP Digital Identity & Authentication Services

Topic: Multi-industry identity ecosystem at work- making egov easy for citizens.

Stream: Private Eye

Kirk Fergusson
VP Healthcare solutions SecureKey Technologies Inc.

Topic: Multi-Industry identity ecosystem at work - making egovernment easy for citizens.

Stream: E-Citizen

Richard Blad
Senior policy advisor Ministry of Economic Affairs

Topic: To be announced soon.

Stream: eRegocnition

Douwe Lycklama
Project Advisor eHerkenning

Topic: To be announced soon.

Stream: eRecognition

Rene van den Assem
Project Advisor eHerkenning


Topic: To be announced soon.

Stream: eRecognition

Pascal Huijbers
Senior Architect Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment


Topic: To be announced soon.

Stream: eRecognition

Mariette Lokin
Expert in authentication and authorization of E-government services.

Topic: In 2011, the Dutch Forum on Standardization developed a method for indicating assurance levels for authentication for digital government services.  It is based on the STORK framework for assurance and on Dutch legislation on electronic communication between citizens and government, on electronic signatures and on data protection. In this session, the method and the process of development and maintenance thereof are being explained.

Stream: E-citizen