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Friends and partners

Supported by the ‘friends of the conference’ team, IDentity.Next’12 is aimed at leading ICT and business professionals, policy makers, academics, administrations and industry innovation leaders. If you are interested in becoming a friend of IDentity.Next’12, please contact us to request more information about pricing and benefits. Sponsorship packages are structured to allow participation at every level from the smallest startup to the largest companies.

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Media and press are also invited to become friends of the conference.

Friends 2012

For 22 years, eema is Europe’s leading independent, non-profit e-Identity & Security association, working with its European members, governmental bodies, standards organisations and interoperability initiatives throughout Europe to further e-Business and legislation.

eema's remit is to educate and inform over 1,500 member contacts on the latest developments and technologies, at the same time enabling members of the association to compare views and ideas.

More information: www.eema.org

The Hague, International City of Peace and Justice. It is a proud title, and justly worn. It is the third-largest city of the Netherlands with a population of 463,754. The Hague’s current role as host to international organisations and the international community. It is home to no less than 131 international institutes and agencies, employing 14.000 servants of peace. After New York, The Hague is the United Nations’ second city.

More information: www.denhaag.com

Executive People, the IT Business Network

Executive People is an online source and platform for IT businses people in the Netherlands.

More information: www.executive-people.nl

Novay connects companies, knowledge partners and government organisations in an open network to realise ground-breaking ICT innovations which have an impact on people, society and the economy. One of our focus areas is creating innovative online identity solutions that balance user friendlyness, privacy and security.

More information: www.novay.nl


More information: www.pkipartners.nl

SIDN is responsible for the functional stability and development of the .nl Internet domain. As well as registering and allocating .nl domain names, the organisation enables Internet users all over the world to make use of these labels at any given moment.

At the national and international levels, SIDN is actively involved in the technical, policy and political developments that shape the internet. For example, SIDN is leading the local introduction of DNSSEC.

More information: www.sidn.nl

PvIB - Platform of Information Security - is the independent and not-for-profit centre of expertise in the field of Information Security in the Netherlands.

PvIB is the platform where information, knowledge and experience about Information Security are collated, improved, enriched and in turn redistributed. PvIB brings together all stakeholders and interested parties in the field of Information Security. The PvIB contributes to information security in digital information exchange with a clear social relevance.

More information: www.pvib.nl

The Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association (DDMA) is the cross media trade organisation for the direct marketing and sales promotion industry in the Netherlands. This is one of the fast growing sectors of industry in Western Europe. ??

DDMA represents the interests of users, service providers and media/carriers of direct marketing and sales promotion, both in the Netherlands and at a European level. The organisation also acts as a communication and knowledge platform for professionals working in dialogue marketing. 

More information: www.ddma.nl

Founded in 2007, Yenlo is a Dutch-based software development and consulting company focused on middleware and business process management. Yenlo’s founders, who still act as members of the team, have an accumulated experience of over 35 years in IT with in-depth architectural knowledge in the areas of service-oriented computing, business process management and cloud computing.

Working with a team of senior professionals, they deliver solutions to address the current and future business challenges throughout Europe.

More information: www.yenlo.nl

miiCard (My Internet Identity Card) is the first global platform for accurate, real-time online identity verification compliant with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer standards, replacing the need for a physical ID check. miiCard has been developed in response to a growing demand worldwide for a means to prove identity purely online as both the risk and value of transactions on the web escalate.

Owned and managed by the individual miiCard creates a high level of trust online between individuals across a range of areas including social and professional networks, online dating, and trading on auction sites.

Find out more at www.miicard.com

WSO2 is the lean enterprise middleware company. It delivers the only complete open source enterprise SOA middleware stack purpose-built as an integrated platform to support today’s heterogeneous enterprise environments—internally and in the cloud.

WSO2’s service and support team is led by technical experts who have proven success in deploying enterprise SOAs and contribute to the technology standards that enable them.

More information, visit http://ws02.com and the WSO2 OxygenTank developer portal  at http://wso2.org

ViewDS is the trading name of eNitiatives.com Pty Ltd, the owner of the ViewDS suite of software.

ViewDS is a boutique developer of innovative Identity and Access Management software products that are deployed in a variety of industries and geographies in combinations with other vendors and integrators

More information: www.viewds.com

At present, NOREA has over 1450 registered members, the Registered EDP Auditors (RE's). All have met explicit requirements for registration. These requirements include the successful completion of a recognized post graduate course on IT-auditing.
In addition to these requirements, NOREA imposes a number of other rules in the interests of sound professional practice.

More information:  www.norea.nl

AutomatiseringGids provides IT manager and professionals insight into news items, innovation and market developments in information and communication technology.

The subjects disscused in AutomatiseringGids should help IT managers and professionals make decisions in their professional field.

Target group are the professionals in the field of Information and Communication Technology, such as IT managers, IT specialists and business managers.

AutomatiseringGids is an important source of information for many ICT professionals. That information is provided through the tabloid, the daily email newsletter, white papers, conferences and seminars, and of course the website.

More information: www.automatiseringgids.nl

The European Privacy Association is a pan-European network of privacy, data protection and security experts, based in Brussels, Belgium. Its aim is to provide a ‘space’ for the bringing together of experts across Europe, engaging with them as we seek new policies to enhance privacy, e-security and data protection.

More information: www.europeanprivacy.eu

Kennisnet is the foremost public knowledge center regarding information and communication technologies (ICT) and education in the Netherlands. Kennisnet’s mission is to support schools and educational facilities with independent services regarding the effective and safe use of ICT, thus improving the quality of teaching and learning. In this regard we provide high quality services which are flexible and respond to the needs of education.

More information:

KPN provides worldwide telecommunications and IT services. With 2.2 million work spaces under management we are the Benelux market leader in work space management. We serve over 42.2 million clients across the globe with mobile and fixed telephone connections, Internet and television. We support our clients in the business market with fully managed telecommunications and IT solutions.

More information: www.kpn.nl

eHerkenning (eRecognition) is the Dutch e-identity Trust Framework, already live since April 2010. Businesses can authenticate themselves at both government and business services. The eHerkenning services (tokens for users and cloud connections for relying parties) are offered by certified private parties, who comply to the Trust Frameworks as set out by the governance organization. This organization consists of representatives of the government as well as company representatives. 

More information: www.eherkenning.nl/eRecognition

Make-A-Wish Netherlands grants the favourite wish of children aged 3 to 18 with a life-threatening illness. The granting of a favourite wish has a magical effect on every child, but particularly on children with life-threatening illnesses. It gives these children, who too often are merely patients due to their illness, the strength to be a child. The realization of a dream can have a huge effect on their future.

Make-A-Wish Netherlands does not receive governmental aid.

For more information, please visit www.makeawishnederland.org.