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Advisory Board

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Advisory board are distinguished experts from around the world committed to keeping IDnext on the cutting-edge of digital identity practices and ensuring IDnext as the premier platform of state-of-the-art services to its members. Provides independent advice to the executive board regarding the direction and activities of the IDnext association.

More advisory board members are announced soon!

Marijke Salters
Marijke is advisor BFS at Logius and previously worked as a senior consultant at Everett B.V.  She has over 20 years of experience with e-government. In her role as consultant she was responsible for the first adoption of Digid at the community of Rotterdam in 2003. In 2009 she was responsible for the first adoption of Digid by authorization (Digid-machtigen)  at  the Ministry of Health.  At this moment she is working for the standardization committee of the Dutch government and involved in several publications for Identity management initiated by this committee.
Andre Koot
André Koot has been involved in information security since the mid nineties and gained a lot of experience in the field of Access Control and Identity Management. He has acted as a security manager in several large companies. Not only is he a security expert for his profession, but it can be considered a hobby as well. André has been the editor in chief for the Dutch magazine Informatiebeveliging (Information Security) and he also wrote a large number of articles for this publication. He has his own identity blog and is an avid social media user.
Frank Broeze
Frank Broeze is now more than 10 years working in the areas of identity & access management and Information security. He has experience in a variety of roles, ranging from giving advice of policy and guidelines surrounding information security to concrete projects in the field of Identity and Access Management and Security Information and Event Monitoring.  Frank is currently active within NetIQ, where he is responsible for providing services to several international client organizations. In addition, he leads an EMEA project for the development of new market-specific propositions in the field of Identity and Security Management.
Martin Dias d'Ullois
Martin is productmanager at Kennisnet and Responsible for the Kennisnet Federation
This identity Federation aims to be the benefit of schools and educational service providers in The Netherlands. Federation is enabled through the use of open industry standards and openly published specifications, such that multiple parties (schools and service providers) can achieve interoperability for common use cases.

Typical use-cases involve cross-domain, web-based single sign-on and cross-domain user attribute exchange for student & teacher identities.   
Emiel Kanters
Emiel Kanter is a senior consultant in Personal Information Management services. Emiel is bridging the gap between the "demand" (the problem customers face and the needs they have) and the "supply" (the technology and product and services companies/organisations offer). Emiel thinks, sees and experienced that with the right tools, the relation between demand and supply can be much more efficient and effective than it is nowadays. That's a win win. Emiel is working for a small consultancy firm where they help improving the companies commercial processes. More computing power and intelligence will come available for each individual and they will have more control over their digital lives. It has only just started and digital identity play a major role in this control shift. Companies that know how to apply this best will benefit most.
Poppe Wijnsma
Frank Kraamwinkel
After studying mechanical engineering, specialising in robotics, Frank joined NMB Bank, one of the ancestors of ING Group, in 1990. First as technician, later as product manager, he was one of the founders of the Dutch and Global ING e-Mail & e-Collaboration infrastructures. Since May 2005 Frank is product manager of the ING Corporate PKI. He was (keynote) speaker on several ISSE and EEMA conferences. His focus is now e-Identity in the world of wholesale banking.
He is also member of the Authentication and Key Management Team of ING Operations & IT Banking, a team providing ICT Security and IAM Consultancy Services to the entire ING Group.
Current hot topics are the integration of the Commercial Banking products into one client proposition and the mobile developments in this market.
Jacoba Sieders
As a security architect and certified information security auditor, Jacoba Sieders dedicated 13 years ago to IDentity and Access Management in a global role for the ING group. Her experience ranges from setting up the global identity infrastructure, creating the e-id to be used by the applications within ING, developing the related legal data protection structure, introducing role based and developing models for functional management globally and locally. In het current role as Global Head Security integration and Tooling, Jacoba manages the roadmap, global integration projects and service chain for the security tooling at Rabobank International.
Jean Pierre Vincent
Jean-Pierre Vincent fullfills roles as a consultant, project manager, architect and consultant in complex identity and access management programs in government and large institutions in the financial, telecommunications and industrial sector.
Jean Pierre is being involved in different IAM related projects, and in communities of practice, he delivers impactful knowledge and provides meaningful insights about topics in this domain. Moreover, he writes regularly expert newsletters and articles about IAM, see Access Management expert letters: www.PvIB.nl/expertbrief

Mark Ruijsendaal
Mark Ruijsendaal is Business Line Manager at TNO. He is responsible for TNO’s strategy, investments and business in the field of Privacy & eIdentity management and accountable for several markets. Mark is also member of the board of the Privacy & Identity Lab, a  joint collaboration with the Radboud University, Tilburg University and SIDN.