Lokke Moerel

Among the world’s best-known privacy & cyber advisers, Lokke Moerel is regularly called upon by some of the world’s most complex multinational organizations to confront their global privacy and ethical challenges when implementing new technologies and digital business models.  

Lokke is Senior of Counsel with the leading global technology law firm Morrison & Foerster, professor of Global ICT at Tilburg University, member of the Dutch Cyber Security Council (the advisory body of the Dutch cabinet on cybersecurity), expert on cyber of the European Commission’s Horizon2020 Innovation Program, member of the Monitoring Committee Dutch Corporate Governance Code and non-executive board member of a number of tech companies.  

Lokke received many international rewards, and recently was recognized by Global Data Review ‘Women in Data 2022’ for being at the cutting edge of legislation, regulation and technology around the world.  

 Lokke practiced law in The Netherlands, London, Berlin and recently moved to Brussels.  

See for her recent article on the disruptive impact of EU Digital ID Wallets: Cybersecurity Insiders. 

Lokke Moerel speaker at IDnext '22.