Harm Jan Arendshorst

Harm Jan Arendshorst is the Chief Strategy Officer of uqudo, Director of iLabs Technologies and Valuetrack Lead of People Flows with Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.
His mission in life is to build a Trustworthy Internet of Everything for the wellbeing of People and Planet. For the last 25 years he has been working on Digital Identity and IoT Security Implementation, International Standards & Policy and Research & Innovation. 

He has worked more than 9 years at Verizon in leadership roles in Digital Identity, IoT Security and Digital Transformation and is currently working on global standardization of Digital Health Certificates, mobile driving license and digital identity wallets in collaboration with organisations like UL, RDW, ID2020 Good Health Pass and GCCN, Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport, Skyteam and many others. 

He founded iLabs Technologies and joined as a Strategic Council the Institute for Future of Living to create impactful programs and public private partnerships to help realize the SDG’s with a focus on Digital Identity, IoT Security and Digital Transformation and one of the co-authors of the Smart Cities Roadmap of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

Harm Jan is one of the co-editors of the latest Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI) Report on Implementation of Secure Authentication Technologies for digital financial services together with the ITU and World Bank Group as a member of the Security, Infrastructure and Trust Working Group supporting the ID4D initiative. 

Harm is the co-chair of the IoT security task force in the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).  He has worked with the European Commission and the private sector on large scale pilots and IoT security standardization, certification schemes and IoT trust label definition. 

He has successfully contributed to the standardization work in the field of ’A coordinated approach for Security/ Privacy and (Semantic) interoperability of standardized IoT Platforms’ as an expert in Specialist Task Force at ETSI.  

He is also a member of the new ETSI group to develop standardization framework for secure smartphone-based proximity tracing systems, helping to break COVID-19 transmission chains. He is top 30 winner of the world’s largest hackathons EUvsVirus with the OpenGate project to reopen the skies and save lives with touchless biometric travelling and biometric proof of quarantine while protecting privacy when sharing contact tracing, health status & future vaccine certificates across borders. 

He is one of the first members of the Future Energy Systems, which is leading the transition towards socially inclusive, environmentally friendly energy systems and to stimulate the local economy. The essence is a local energy company for and by the citizens for generation, storage and distribution of renewable energy for joint municipal ownership. 

He is an expert advisor to the European Commission and Parliament and has provided hands-on technical and policy advice to governments, private sector organizations from the Financial Services (on Open Banking / PSD2), Telecom (on GSMA Mobile Connect) and many other industries worldwide. 

Harm Jan Arendshorst was a member of the Board of Directors of Trust in Digital Life. He has created and managed international teams of experts in the design, development and operations of innovative and leading-edge identification systems in many countries and across all industries, for example the UK GOV.UK Verify, Belgium FEDICT, Malta eID, Netherlands Driver License (RDW), UAE eID, and innovative pilots with the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) and GSMA, called the XMNO project on identity data sharing between all UK Mobile Operators and Identity Providers. 

This included the development of technical and operational documentation, strategies, roadmaps, policy documents, reference architectures and requirements analysis. He has supported the SOVRIN foundation on Trust Frameworks for Distributed Ledger Technologies and has deep technical expertise in security and data protection including Digital Credentials, Identity Federation, PKI, DLT, Cyber Intelligence, Biometrics (FIDO) and Policy Development. 


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