Julia Janssen

Julia Janssen is an artist, designer, researcher and speaker. In her work she creates awareness about the impact of technology and digitization on society.

In 2016 she graduated from the ArtEZ School of the Arts in Graphic Design. During her studies, she became interested in data and digitization and worked on several projects that highlight our relationship with technology. With her graduation work, she won the ​​Crypto Design Award and she has since devoted her art to data sovereignty.

Julia translates scientific insights into accessible design giving her audience a peek behind the internet’s surface. By making the complexity of information technology understandable, she builds a movement that strives for data sovereignty. Ultimately, everyone must consciously choose who knows what about him or her on the internet. This philosophy is reflected in several projects: she develops and designs projects about the lack of ownership, control, and transparency over personal data, the capital in online behavioral patterns, the changing definition of privacy, and the future of digital identity.

One of these projects, the book “One Click” (2017), gave her immediate exposure. The book is a collection of 835 privacy conditions approved with one click on “got it.” The work shows the weak position of the internet user. To emphasize the absurdity of such methodologies and increase the impact of the work, Janssen started with a reading performance: “0.0146 seconds” (2019) – a traveling studio in which participants read from the book per fragment 12 minutes. It is expected to take a total of 375 hours to read all of these terms. A disproportionate difference from the 0.0146 seconds in which we click on agree.